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What sets us apart?


What is really important?

Hermann Oberth International German School feels that the purpose of an educational system essentially impacts a constantly redefining society’s proclivity for innovation and creativity.

Therefore, our institution takes on the responsibility of contributing to the profound future changes in society and has created a coherent educational system that involves the student in a relevant and meaningful learning process.


Hermann Oberth International German School relies on an educational philosophy designed for the benefit of the student and focused on the school as a space that facilitates development for the society in which young learners live. Our philosophy is characterized by the emphasis on proficient skills, the ability to communicate easily in foreign languages, adaptability, creativity, critical thinking, multiculturalism, adaptability to a constantly changing society and the ability to work in teams while displaying empathy towards an extremely diverse society. 

The mission of our team is manifested in the following goals: 

  • being passionate about lifelong learning and the development of skills that involve adjustment to the ever-changing expectations of a society of the future;
  • being constantly informed in order to make the learning process relevant and meaningful for students;
  • encouraging different learning styles;
  • supporting creativity and innovation as opposed to rigid approaches and passive learning;
  • supporting diversity in students' opinions and the plurality of options on what concerns individual development;
  • stimulating students' motivation by enabling them to overcome their own academic expectations, to identify options and make informed decisions;
  • constantly involving students in projects that tackle social responsibility and urging empathy for one’s peers.

In this framework, our students are characterized by:

  • enthusiasm and curiosity-driven learning;
  • creativity and self-confidence;
  • independence and team spirit;
  • sensitivity to the needs of others;


A child is an expanding universe. We are committed to setting up the educational process so as to keep EVERY student in mind and to create an environment that will strengthen their self-confidence, academic curiosity and their interest in the study of science.

Our mission is to shape future citizens who internalize values and welcome as purposes in their lives the notions of responsibility, justice, tolerance, social involvement, inclusion, dignity, honesty, individual and collective happiness, as well as professional training.




The Hermann Oberth German School aims to ensure that every future adult has a high capability of adapting to reality. For this purpose, elements of interculturality, entrepreneurship education and democratic citizenship are consciously integrated in the curriculum and all study disciplines at the level of primary, secondary and high school education. 


The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done; men and women who are creative, inventive and discoverers, who can be critical and verify, and not accept, everything they are offered.


We are different and everyone needs personalized support. Therefore, every child deserves to find his or her way in life and constantly grow.

The regular presence of our counselors from the Guidance Department enables us to maintain constant communication with families; comprehensive teaching allows us to accompany each of our students in a tailored manner, making sure that every one of them finds the educational direction that suits them.

As a result, our students opt for the most diverse fields, from expanded science and robotics to arts and high performance sport, etc. Emerging trades make it necessary for our students to delve into different experiences, to discover, verify and make choices. Last but not least, students are faced with different aspects of perseverance. Liking something is not enough: preferences also require dedication, tenacity, effort.

Hermann Oberth International German School aims to provide students the most relevant opportunities for development.

The Digital Competences Framework for Citizens (DigComp2.1) is our European benchmark for training students' digital skills.

We use technologies so as to make the most of them, we train transdisciplinary digital skills, we employ technological tools that amplify the learning process while emphasizing the conviction that nothing could replace human relationships.

In a realm as dynamic as technology, our objective is to increase digital skills, fostering the flexibility to perform in different environments and using a variety of digital devices.

Beyond digital skills required at the European level, we are developing an in-depth approach with the support of experts in the field. Computer Science is a discipline that attracts many of our high school students. Therefore, we are boasting finalists at national-level competitions in this particular field and encourage our students to join international computer science events.

The IT and Robotics lab on the new campus will feature state-of-the-art equipment, including 3D printers.

We will always be open to nurturing the passions of our students!

Learning two languages ​​from an early age kindles children's cognitive abilities. Studies have proven that bilingual persons display sharper memory skills, an increased attention span and more advanced cognitive abilities than those who can only speak their mother tongues; bilingualism enables flexible thinking, being able to move from one cognitive task to another easily, as well as process and understand complex information faster.

What is more, a foreign language involves contact with cultures other than one's own and that is why bilingual children are more open to accept differences, integrate more easily in different communities and are able to communicate casually.

It is also worth noting the growing number of European children whose mother tongues differ from the languages in which school subjects are taught to them. The 2015 report titled “Language Teaching and Learning in Multilingual Classes” highlights a number of successful language learning strategies in multicultural environments.

For this reason, the language policy in the Hermann Oberth International German School / Hermann Oberth International German High School is as follows:

  • kindergarten: maximum exposure to German; while not being mandatory, English is introduced as children move to the higher group;
  • primary school: maximum exposure to German and Romanian, progressive exposure to English; Cambridge tests begin in the third grade;
  • middle school and high school: maximum exposure to German, Romanian, English; DSD and Cambridge examinations;
  • middle school and high school: ab initio languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, etc.)

All our high school students who have sat the Deutschen Sprachdiplom (DSD) exam in recent years have obtained C1 in German.

All our high school students scored B2 to C2 in English at the Cambridge exams.

Following a coherent cultural blueprint, we connect children to the vast multiethnic Romanian cultural heritage and the surrounding art world. Thus, each of them can discover a way of contributing to the heritage passed on to future generations.

A multitude of experiences build up the cultural itinerary: guided tours of archeological sites, historical monuments and museums; art, painting and music classes, as well as joining the school choir improve the creative skills of each and every child.

Our students’ artwork (Sara and Andrei) has been exhibited at the Children's Museum in Stockholm.

Optional courses (modeling, piano, arts, etc.) develop an appetite for certain artistic fields and encourage the student to perform highly with the support of teachers and family. Our student and pianist Catinca, for instance, has been accepted at the Moscow Conservatory. Listening to her play is fascinating! We will definitely be hearing more about her in the future!

We are dedicated to environmental sustainability. Our approach regards students’ connection to nature as a basic principle and aims to achieve a healthy and sustainable future for all. Our curriculum and activities convey this lifelong commitment to educating students as they grow and become active and responsible members of society.

We strive to create an attractive and resourceful learning environment by promoting a way of life that does not negatively interfere with the lives of future generations. In this framework, our educational project promotes the relevance of the natural environment in students' growth, development and future careers.  


We are dedicated to the following objectives:

  • Promoting sustainable environmental practices.
  • Implementing strategies for environmental sustainability.
  • Appreciating and respecting the role of nature in students' learning and development.
  • Striving to reduce energy and water consumption, along with waste reduction.
  • Involving the entire school community, including students, teachers, non-teaching staff and parents in sustainable practices.
  • We strive to review all school procedures in order to remain true to these goals. 


There are many ways to get to know yourself and others. Mountain expeditions, themed trips, ski camps, tent-nights in the company of classmates, time spent with the German literature teacher, a bike ride with the math teacher ...

There are, undoubtedly, unique moments that contribute to the development of our students, moments that they will never forget. We are discovering new places, new meanings, new friends. We are building a community.


Practicing sports is an excellent way of emphasizing values ​​such as collaboration, discipline, self-improvement, effort and perseverance.

For this reason, we promote exercising and sport from an early age, healthy competition and team spirit.

The new campus offers special opportunities that encourage good sport conduct: two gyms equipped with locker rooms, a tennis court, a basketball court, a running track, etc. These enable students to experience team spirit and competition based on respect, as well as to accept failure so that the desire to win does not affect one’s relationships with others.

We advocate a healthy lifestyle and we want students to spend their free time practicing sports.

Our school has always encouraged children's passion for sports: Sara is a nationally renowned swimmer; Raisa is a tennis player with great achievements. Other students play basketball or football, enjoy fencing or skiing, being able to accommodate sports and studying in an excellent manner and obtaining very good results in both fields.





We are accompanying our students on a journey of becoming citizens of the 21st century who are capable of improving the society of the future.

Each of them "will become exactly what they wish to," owing to a comprehensive program that welcomes the pace and potential of every child from the very beginning of educational instruction.

The diversity of options offered to graduates by the Hermann Oberth International German High School shows that every student has been encouraged to discover and be discovered.

For this purpose, we are working on the training, guidance and counseling for their academic, emotional and professional future.

Our former students are following their dreams: Filip is a student at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila in Bucharest; Sara is a student in the Psychology Department, in the UK; Nicole has opted for German-Arabic Studies at the University of Bucharest; David is studying in the field of Automation... We are proud of their achievements and we are confident that they will demonstrate high skills over time as they have benefitted from a solid education and outstanding role models.