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We think beyond traditional education.

Experiential learning fully employs ​​direct experience. Throughout this process, students are actively involved in asking questions, investigating, experimenting, solving problems and taking responsibility in order to develop creative skills and constructing their own knowledge.

Skills, knowledge and experience are enriched outside the classroom through civic participation and practical activities, internships, themed camps, field research projects, community projects, etc. Centering on one's own experience enables critical thinking in concrete situations and supports decision-making processes in contexts that are personally relevant to students. This approach to learning also involves opportunities to exchange ideas, debate, reflect and apply concepts and skills in new situations.

Thus, we are attentive to what happens both in the classroom and beyond, as the holistic development of the student constitutes our focus. An innovative methodology is one that manages to meet the needs of all our students in a collective framework while at the same time customizing the itinerary of each individual as much as possible.