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School canteen

Hermann Oberth International Kindergarten / School / High School promotes the importance of healthy nutrition for children / youth. Food has a major impact on students' health in the long run, on their ability to concentrate, as well as their lifestyle.

School transport

Transport service should be requested primarily at the beginning of the school year. Our range of vehicles features a full security suite that guarantees the well-being of our students.

Psychopedagogical orientation

The progress and well-being of each student is important to our team. We are constantly engaged in training in order to respond as best we can to the needs of our students. 

Medical office

There is a fully equipped medical office in the school premises, and students can call the nurse whenever needed.

In the event of accidents and illnesses that may occur within the school community, first aid is provided as soon as the situation is reported.

Recreation areas

Recreation spaces are of vital importance in an educational institution: sports courts, green areas, all these help students relax during breaks, socialize and... play.

Virtual Campus

Despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, we are still there for the community of the Hermann Oberth International German School.