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About us

Victor Hugo

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

Hermann Oberth International German School is a private education institution founded in 2006, designed to offer training based on creativity and innovation from kindergarten to high school. Teaching was initially designed to be delivered exclusively in German, and is now expanding in the future campus through bilingual approaches – German-English, German-Romanian, English-Romanian, and all-English instruction for students in the International Baccalaureate – thus confirming the international direction of the school.

Hermann Oberth International German School’s vision is to steer students on an academic path where they can positively perform in order to reach their full potential as active participants in the life of a globalized society and in a constantly changing world.

Hermann Oberth, the visionary, persevering and innovative physicist from Sibiu, as well as one of the founding fathers of rocket science and astronautics, fulfilled his dream of launching the first liquid-propellant rocket after being inspired by Jules Verne's books. Similarly, Hermann Oberth International German School encourages students to dream on and follow their life projects.

We believe that all children have unlimited potential and thus it is important to help them excel, while pursuing their interests.

Therefore, we aim to help our students’ parents in the difficult but beautiful task of shaping responsible, creative, fair, tolerant, open-minded, involved, inclusive, generous and dignified individuals who will contribute to the improvement of a constantly evolving global society.

Our Olympians!

Although we are young school through excellent preparation, students' enthusiasm and support of parents, school German Hermann Oberth has consistently represented the National subject Olympiads.

Our students are thus among the best students in German, computer science, mathematics, English, lb. Romanian, chemistry.