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Principal's statement

Dear Parents,

Hermann Oberth International German school was founded in 2006, anticipating the need for change at the core of the education system, from the perspective of alignment with the requirements of the European Union.

Our objective was to break new ground, to connect to the opportunities and dynamics of the European space much faster than a compact educational system could, in the hopes of benefitting children, young individuals and teachers alike.


The end result of an education system has a crucial impact on the potential for innovation and creativity of a constantly redefining society. The future adult will have to adjust more and more to a labor market characterized by complexity and dynamism, one which requires novel skills. Emerging professions ... professions that are yet to appear... these aspects empower us as an education system to be dynamic and to react by developing transversal competencies. This means that in order to promote skill-development of the future adult, the educational system itself must become flexible and constantly stimulate creativity, innovation, as well as critical thinking. 

We, the HOS Team, advocate the importance of

  •  innovation and creativity;
  •  respect and empathy towards others;
  •  team spirit;
  •  commitment and responsibility;
  •  active curiosity;
  •  relevance. 

“Creativity is conceptualised as a skill for all.”

The ability to make new connections, to generate a variety of ideas, to replace content reproduction and learning by rote with argumentation and problem solving, to identify new learning methods, to employ highly modern tools for the training of skills, to collaborate in teams with the purpose of exchanging ideas while working on common goals, all of these are located in the realm of creative and experiential learning.


Dreams can become reality, just like Hermann Oberth’s dream of space flight. For this reason, we, the members of the Hermann Oberth community, make use of our curiosity in order to find out what future each student dreams of,in order to provide them with the confidence and support they require to succeed in making that dream come true.

Head of School,

Prof. Florin DROC