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Virtual campus

Despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, we are still there for the community of the Hermann Oberth International German School.

We are aware of the fact that there is no better place to develop educational values than school; however, we are adapting to the reality we live in and we are prepared to face obstacles by creating a genuine Virtual Campus.

We aim to ensure that, despite the restrictions, our students are 100% involved in the learning process.

The Virtual Campus is a concept featuring user-friendly educational platforms, digital resources and apps, as well as advanced skills pertaining to online education.

Our Virtual Campus aims to maintain traditional school standards and to strengthen learning in areas experiencing pressure due to the pandemic.

Students participate in courses using the videoconferencing platform and based on daily schedules. This platform allows student-teacher interaction and guarantees an optimal level of communication, learning and assessment. It enables team work, as well as custom / personalized learning.

At the same time, this virtual mode of interaction allows students to stay in contact with other colleagues who are spending time in self-isolation, an essential requirement in the socialization process.

The platform is also used for parent and community member meetings with the goal of maintaining regular communication. The teachers’ lounge is also to be found here, accommodating distance learning imposed due to epidemiological concerns.

Google Classroom and similar platforms used by teachers such as Edmodo, EasyClass and ClassDojo are online apps or collaboration platforms that facilitate the exchange of documents, tests or homework between teachers and students; they are also employed in order to keep records of the aforementioned activities and display relevant feedback from instructors.

ASQ, Kahoot, Quizziz, Wordwall, Padlet, Twinkl etc. are learning resources and applications where teachers may either create original content or employ resources in the form of presentations, worksheets, images and videos during live sessions and for homework purposes.

In order to further improve communication within the school community, we have opted for the "Adservio" platform that allows real time interaction in our community.

Adservio for students

The road to knowledge begins with yourself. We have created self-knowledge and IQ tests that help you learn more about your personality. Beyond that, Adservio tests will help you make an important decision and find out which university best suits you.

The Adservio Library offers over 200 free, specialist literature and fiction books which you can download in electronic format.

From now on, you can send your homework and projects directly to the teacher, without having to transfer data to CDs, memory sticks or other storage media. You can tag classmates you have been working on specific projects with so they can comment and upload updated files. You will receive feedback from the teacher, you may modify and upload new versions of specific projects, and your account will feature the final grades.

See how well you perform from the very beginning to the end of the school year. Adservio calculates your average on a weekly basis and shows you how you have evolved.

You can share your photos with all your classmates or choose who sees the photos you upload: classmates, schoolmates or other school alumni.

Class yearbook. Your photo will be visible to all school mates, including teachers. You can later choose from several yearbook templates and download the album in PDF format.

This section allows all users to gain an overview of extracurricular activities, with details regarding the time and place of upcoming meetings and the featuring of group members, as well as messaging and chat.

Cu secțiunea Extrașcolare toți utilizatorii pot avea o imagine clară asupra activităților extrașcolare, cu detalii legate ora și locul următoarelor reuniuni  și a prezenței membrilor grupului la activitate, mesagerie și chat.

Adservio for parents

Adservio offers access to individual scores and presence sheets; you can also see a list of school attendance exemptions, as well as reasons for not attending classes, where applicable.

Observe changes in learning over time, the strengths and areas demanding increased attention.

Adservio ensures the security of all your data, whether school overviews or correspondence with teachers.

You can communicate, exchange information and views with teachers and school management.

You can share documents or larger files with teachers or students directly from your account.

Updates and useful material pertaining to the educational environment or tips that help parents.

Parents can receive daily SMS notifications concerning students’ school progress.