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December newsletter


What is international-mindedness?
First and foremost, being internationally minded means being willing to accept someone different,and willingness comes with experience, experience of new cultures, new places, new people,new beliefs, new cultures, new habits and, of course, new foods!
Getting to know others that are different, and their lifestyle, is a first step to raising young people able to promote understanding, respect,and tolerance, in a world increasingly connected.

What do we need it for,really?
Far from being a fad, international-mindedness allows for the building of a harmonious world, where collaboration is key to development, whether personal,economical, cultural or political.
How do we promote international-mindedness in school?
When considering opportunities to promote global thinking, the sky is the limit. From encouraging multiculturalism and multilingualism in class, devising activities to value differences in cultures, trips, show-and-tell, and food fest, literature and alike.Culture being all around us, so are opportunities to promote it.

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